Principles of installing isogum

Due to the high importance of installing bitumen waterproofing membrane on the roof and even the walls of homes and offices, people try to use the best isogum to prevent moisture penetration into their premises.

In addition to the type of isogum selected by the customer, the installation, execution and complete commissioning of isogum is also of great importance, which if not performed properly, will cause low efficiency of isogum and waste costs. In the following, we will get acquainted with the important methods and points in installing isogum, which have been collected by the experts of Sanal Azar Company in Tabriz.

Tools and equipment needed for proper installation of isogum

Metal carpet razor, trowel, broom, tarpaulin gloves, spark plug, diffuser lamp, which is available in the market in two forms of single flame, liquid gas (capsule), rubber blade with handle, leather shoes Long, flat shoes, low heels.

To install isogum, pay attention to these 6 important and sensitive points !!

  • Care should be taken to ensure that the surface under the isogum is as smooth as possible and to remove any bumps.
  • Do not install bitumen membrane at all when there is a possibility of snow and rain.
  • All corners and all around the surface that have a 90-degree angle should be cemented with cement.
  • Use the correct overlap to install the next rolls.
  • Temperatures below 5 ° C are not suitable for the installation of isogum and may reduce the elasticity of isogum if installed.
  • The surface of the isogum must be completely dry, clean and free of any dust and soot.

Standard and step-by-step installation method of isogum:

  1. Cleaning: It is in this way that the surface of the isogum is completely washed and we try to clean all the dust and soot from the surface. Also, if the desired location is the roof, you should remove the air conditioners and all foreign objects from the surface of that location so that the installation of isogum can be done without any problems and in a completely one-handed manner.
  2. Surface modification or substructure: In this part, we should look at the surface of the isogum and if there are any structural defects, we should fix them.
  3. Bitumen or primer: For better adhesion of isogum, we should use bitumen or primer on the surface, especially if this substrate is not smooth and acceptable.
  4. Measurement: We start measuring from the beginning of the surface and note that the transverse distances should be 90 cm.
  5. Open the isogum: To install the isogum, it is better to open the isogum as much as needed. Given that the rolls of isogum are 10 meters long and after opening, they are evenly collected on both sides, we must start heating and installing from the middle point. Be sure to remove the plastic on it before heating.
  6. Installation of isogum: Be careful that in order to perform construction work, we must pay attention to quality in the first place, and in this case, we must not sacrifice quality for quality.


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