The importance of isogum staining

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The importance of isogum staining

Usually the roofs of buildings that are made of isogum stained after about 8 to 10 years and the problems created in it should be solved. Usually some parts of the roof, such as under the air conditioner and where the antenna or heavy objects are placed on the isogum, may need to be stained sooner. On the other hand, intense sun, earthquake, snow and heavy rain can also damage the isogum and create cracks on it.

Isogum staining is usually done when the useful life of the isogum has not yet expired and it has only been damaged in some areas that can be repaired. This will save you some money and save you the hassle of re-roofing your home for years to come.

How to stain isogum

The method of sealing roofs, gutters and their surroundings is as follows, which must first be carefully removed with a special cutter parts of the damaged isogum. Now you have to cut the new isogum with a little more area than the damaged part and stick it on the desired place with new bitumen or waterproofing. Then we start heating the place with a special device so that the isogum sticks well in the place and water does not penetrate into the underlying layers in any way.

Do not forget that the more professional isogam staining done, the longer its life will be and the later it will need to be repaired.

Tips to follow after staining isogum.

  • Be careful that sharp objects do not come into contact with the isogum, and if this happens, be sure to reconstruct the desired location with special glue or primer.
  • Be sure to seek the help of experienced people to insulate the roof of the house, because improper installation of isogum can cause a lot of damage to you.
  • Avoid spilling materials such as oil and diesel on the insulation.
  • Note that the best time for isogum staining is in the summer, when it is less likely to rain.
  • Always try to use high quality isogams.

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