single-layer or double-layer bitumen membrane

single-layer or double-layer bitumen membrane? which one is better?

bitumen membrane is an insulation and a material used to prevent the penetration of water and moisture to the substrate in roofs and other surfaces, which are generally divided into two types. In this article, we will examine the types of isogum. Follow the editing section of Sanal Azar isogum.

bitumen membrane is divided into two categories in terms of layer:


The first type, called single-layer isogum, consists of a single layer, usually the inner layer is: the thermo-band or spun-band. Because these isogums are single-layer, they have higher flexibility. and in places where we need irregular geometric shapes, such as around shingles, foundation walls and places where sections such as foundations and columns meet, dome-shaped places and generally in some places, which require more flexibility and strength are used.

– Another type of waterproofing boiler, which is called double-layer isogum, is made of two inner layers of polyester fibers and glass fibers. Fiberglass or so-called threaded tissue is used for more strength of isogum and isogum does not bend easily and usually has higher durability and more bitumen absorption than single-layer isogum. which makes the higher quality and price of this isogum compared to single isogams.

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