First we need to know what is bitumen membrane? And what are the features of high quality bitumen membrane?

bitumen membrane or isogum is a kind of resistant coating of bitumen and synthetic fibers that is installed and glued to the roof bed and any desired place using heat to prevent water and moisture from penetrating into the environment.

Isogum used to insulate various surfaces such as foundations, walls, floors and roofs of buildings and pools, insulation of water and gas pipes, water tanks, water channels and drains, insulation of deck and base of bridges and tunnels, parking lots. And also used as a floor covering as well as the final layer of stone, cement, mosaic to prevent water and moisture from penetrating to the underlying surfaces and to prevent energy wastage.

Sanal Azar Company of Tabriz produces high quality bitumen membrane using the best raw materials available in the market, including: 60/70 industrial bitumen, a polymeric material called polypropylene (APP), a layer of tissue, a layer of polyester Produces , talcum powder and mineral powder, Polyethylene Film, Aluminum Foil, bonds and glue that make the isogums very resistant to rain, snow and moisture.

One of the characteristics of high quality isogum in the first place, it must be approved by the standard organization. So that the standard mark and also the standard specifications of the isogum are inserted on the isogum roll. In the following, it is possible to ensure its standard by examining specifications such as the weight and thickness of the isogum roll.

the standard weight for the roll of isogum should be 40 kg. The standard organization considers a weight between 38 and 42 kg per roll acceptable. Note that the high weight of isogum is not a criterion for the high quality level of the product.

In order to check the thickness of a good isogum, a device called a caliper is used, which is 4 mm as a good thickness, and the standard organization considers a thickness between 3.8 mm to 4.2 mm is acceptable. In general, the average thickness is 4 mm.

Another characteristic that should be considered is the length and width of the isogum roll, which is a good and standard isogum with a width of 1 meter and a length of 10 meters, and isogum with a length of 9 meters or 11 meters is not approved by the standard organization.

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