aluminum coated membrane and advantage

What is aluminum coated membrane and what is its advantage?

Isogum, whether single-layer or double-layer, may be produced with or without aluminum coating. If you want to insulate surfaces such as the back of the roof that are exposed to direct sunlight and heat, it is better to use aluminum-coated or so-called foil insulation, and if you intend to insulate the foundation or walls and floors of bathrooms, Use the uncoated type or so-called simple isogum to be more economical.

Isogams are divided into 4 categories in terms of coating:

  • Foil isogum
  • Plain or powdered isogum
  • Patterned isogum
  • Pebble isogum

aluminum coated membrane consists of a layer of needle-shaped polyester and a layer of threaded saturated with bitumen and APP modifiers, which is covered with aluminum on the outside and Nylex on the inside, The aluminum layer reflects more than 85% of the heat and protects the main layer of isogum from U.V. (ultraviolet rays). This layer is very desirable for use on the roof.

 It should be noted that aluminum foil has no effect on the quality of isogum and cannot be a criterion for measuring the quality of isogum. And foiled isogum alone cannot be a proof that it is of high quality.

But the question that arises at this time is that if this foil does not affect the quality, then in general, what is the use of aluminum foil and basically why foil isogum is used?

In response, we must say that the use of aluminum foil in the production of isogum, increases the strength and durability of isogum and insulation against the degradability of components and prevents abrasion and corrosion of isogum. They also increase the resistance of isogum to acid rain.

When the weather is very hot and the sun is very strong on the ground, this foil reflects sunlight to prevent the bitumen from flowing or loosening the bitumen, which increases the life of the waterproofing insulation. Aluminum foil is 14 to 16 microns thick and can be easily scratched by hand. The width of the foil when applying the isogum to overlap the entire surface of the isogum should be 90 cm.

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