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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best time to install isogum?

The best time to install waterproofing bitumen membrane is summer and early fall. But according to the climatic conditions of each region is different. In tropical regions in winter, isogum can be installed.

How to identify a good isogum?

Having a standard mark is the best way to identify a quality and will ease your mind about the quality of the isogum. There are non-standard isogams on the market.

How many years does a standard isogum normally last?

Quality waterproofing bitumen membrane lasts up to 15 years on average.

What factors determine the longevity of isogum?

A skilled installer is the most important factor in the life of an isogum. An installer with 20 years of experience has a very different result than an installer with two years of experience.

Proper underlayment or bitumen wax is another effective factor in the life of the isogum, which guarantees the quality and longevity of your isogum for several years.

Is single layer isogum better or double layer?

If you use it for roofing and toilets or bathrooms, double-layer isogum is better.

Is the implementation of sub-work for domestic and industrial uses different?

No, it has to be done for everyone.

Do you guarantee the isogams of Sanal Azar Company in Tabriz?

Yes. Ten years company warranty and 5 years Iran insurance are among the company’s services.

How to apply isogum in the place of studs?

The first point is that at least 110 or 125 pipes should be used for stud output. After guttering, the gutter outlet is double glued to a radius of two meters to withstand negative cold conditions of minus 20 degrees Celsius and long frosts and snow above 40 cm.

How to apply isogum in the margins of walls and special areas?

The side wall of the roof must be smooth if the brick is uneven, cemented before execution, and the edge of the wall is insulated to at least 50 cm to be sure that the wall is insulated in case of heavy rainfall. The same is done at the exit of the beams and pipes of the installation.

Is it necessary to apply isogum in the place of air conditioner valves?

Yes, Sure! Installation of isogum on the cooler duct, while creating suitable heat and cold insulation, is insulated to at least 50 cm to ensure that moisture does not penetrate. The bottom of the cooler should also be double-insulated. Because water cooler has salt, which spoils the isogum, which, if it bends, will spoil later.

Is it necessary to install isogum for toilets?

Of course, no matter how good the cement is under, bitumen is essential.

How do I know if the insulation needs to be replaced? Do you visit for free?

Visiting the site by Sanal Azar staff is free and you will be notified wherever it needs to be replaced or repaired.

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