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Producing 4 types of Bitumen waterproof membrane with polyethylene film or aluminum cladding,Isoline, paytakht, emaratsaz, emaratbam brands

Research and Development

Accept and implement new ideas globally

after sales services

agencies and services throughout the country

Modern equipment

Using modern equipment and devices

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Isoline, paytakht, emaratsaz, emaratbam


Bitumen waterproof membrane with polyethylene film or aluminum cladding

18+Years of experience
550+Executive project
65+Awards and honors
25+agencies throughout the country
60+Worker and expert

Production with – special formulations

Quality in waterproofing membrane : formulation and type of bitumen used

Sanal Azar Tabriz Company assures you that all waterproofing produced in this production complex is made of the best 70/60 refinery bitumen, which in addition to increasing adhesion and insulation, increases the life of waterproofing.


Introducing the Sanal Azar Tabriz products.

Product quality guarantee by is Sanal Azar Tabriz


Best quality raw materials

Supplying best quality raw materials for production


Experienced experts

Experienced experts works in the factory and sales units.research and development unit


Sales network

Wide sales and after-sales service and distribution network throughout the country

Free sales and consulting and get agencies

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سانال آذر
Production with modern equipment

Production and presentation of new bitumen membrane products with the best quality materials and full automatic and environment friendly equipments, which has resulted in high quality products.

Fast sales and delivery

By creating an exclusive bitumen membrane sales network throughout Iran, it has provided customers with easy access to our products.


Increasing the share of bitumen waterproofing membrane exports to the most countries, which has led to economic growth and currency for the country.

Final result

Gathering the required experience and expertise in building insulation creates a feeling of comfort and confidence in the consumer. Safe and satisfied purchase is one of the goals of Sanal Azar company.


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