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Ali Asadi


Sanal Azar Tabriz Company was established with the focus on producing various types of waterproofing in the industry of isogum, bitumen, asphalt and polymeric materials. The goals of the company are to produce various types of waterproofing in accordance with the relevant quality standards, to satisfy customers, to supply the needs of the market and to try to create a culture of consumption of such products.
The goal of Sanal Azar, in addition to quality assurance, is to create a platform where you, dear customers, can achieve a safe and permanent choice with the least amount of time, energy and cost.

Men and organization are two completely intertwined concepts, and the existence of each does not make sense without the other. Even in today’s societies, which are the era of using advanced technologies to advance organizational goals, not only has the high position of human beings in the organization not diminished, but the existence of efficient and specialized human resources has been considered as the most important asset.
Therefore, it can be emphasized that the formality and objectivity of organizations are known by their human resources and human resources are the basis and axis of managerial work in organizations.
Development and upgrading the scientific level of human resources in a situation where extensive changes and new technologies are proposed, is one of the factors to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of any organization. In fact, the growth of knowledge and skills of employees and change in the performance of tasks are among the things that help the organization in the economic and social dimensions.

From an economic point of view, the organization has more goals and from a social perspective, it increases the satisfaction of the clients and customers of the organization’s services.
This ultimately leads to increased productivity of the organization and manpower. The development of human resources and increasing productivity as a necessity, in order to improve the standard of living of human beings and the establishment of more prosperous societies, the peace and comfort of human beings is always considered a lofty goal for all governments and organizations.

Our happiness is in three sentences:
Experience yesterday, live today, hope for tomorrow.


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